RK-1302 RUKRA GSM modem


The RUKRA GPRS cellular modem is used in the Call Centre to send and receive text messages and for receiving the free emergency calls and service-call (3-day test) the call is not answered so it is FREE of charge.

The GPRS cellular modem is connected via a serial RS-232 cable to the serial COM port of the computer.

The modem is plug and play and there is no software to be installed.



• Powersupply: 230VAC / 12VDC

• Sim-Card: 3V/1,8V

• Frequency: GSM900/1800

• Rate: Adjustable 300b/s – 115kb/s, automatic detection of com.rate (from 4,8 kb/s)

• Connection PC: RS-232

• Antenna: FME (f)

• Size: 100x74x29 mm

• Article number: RK-1302


There is no software needed


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