RK-7611 RUKRA Elevator Cable


The RUKRA Elevator cables with strain relief are specially designed for use in elevators with a maximum spacing of 100 meters.

The cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, in dry and wet locations.

The RUKRA elevator cables suitable for connecting:
• Elevator Phone
• Analog elevator camera
• IP camera elevator
• Code keypad
Pass Reader
• Multimedia Screen
• Intercom connection

The cables are all weather, UV and oil resistant


RUKRA ELEVATOR CABLE PVC C (2x0,34) + 2 x 2x0,34 HYBRIDStructure:


• 2 pairs 2x0,34mmÇ wrapped with PP film
• 1 pair 2x0,34mmÇ wrapped with ALU foil, braid screen tinned copper, foil tape about fleece
• The three data pairs are beaten together with three gripolene rope fillers (total traction 1000N)
• Soft Nitrile outer shell wall thickness approx 1.8mm
• Outside diameter approx 11mm

Articlenumber: RK-7611

doorsnede RK 7611 2 


RK 7702 Cable clamp for round cable

RK-7702 RUKRA Cable clamp for round cable

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