RK-1071 RUKRA 6-wire cord


The connection cables RJ-12 6/6 are suitable for the connection of the RUKRA alarm buttons (RK-2006).

The cable is on both sides provided with a modular RJ-12 connector and is available in lengths of 0,5, 2 and 4 meters.

If you want to shorten a cable or to mount a new connector,
make sure that the cable is not connected to the RUKRA Elevator Phone and the RJ-12 connector must always be mount the same on both ends! (color on color)

Parallel connected RJ12 small



• Color: Black

• Connector: 2 x RJ-12

• Connections: Parallel 6/6

• Protection: None

• Article number 0.5m: RK-1071

• Article number 2m   : RK-1072

• Article number 4m   : RK-1073


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