RK-1610 RUKRA universal intercom on cabine


If an elevator has a lifting height of 30 meters or more and / or the machineroom is not in an open connection with the elevator car then an intercom must be present in order to communicate from the machineroom with the people in the elevator cabin.

The RUKRA universal machineroom intercom can meet these requirements.

2-wire intercom system • Easy installation • Compact intercom speak module behind the COP with input for Normally open (N.O.) button • Speak Module on the elevator cabinroof with integrated alarm button

Connection between modules Universal Intercom



• Power supply: 12V DC

• Power consumption: Rest: 30mA / Active: 250mA

Wiring: 2 Wire Connection between master and slave module and carmodule

Maximum communication distance: 1000 meters

• Housing: ABS Plastic

Ambient temp .: -10 To 50 ° C

• Article numbers:   

   - With cabineroof module : RK-1610    

   - With behind COP module: RK-1600

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