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The RUKRA GSM/PSTN interface is designed to make and receive Phonecalls by every GSM network and replaces the standard PSTN landline and it can can be installed in the machine room, lift shaft, on the cabine roof or in a central place in the building.

Up to 5 RUKRA Elevator Phones can be connected to one GSM/PSTN interface 

The GSM/PSTN interface can be configured to send SMS messages if the battery or powersupply is disconnected or when the capacity of the battery is to low to keep the unit alive for more than 2 hours.

With the integrated backup battery you are sure to be continued communication during a mains supply failure.

A standard SIM card is used and the PIN can be randomly generated by the unit to prevent unauthorized use. (PUK-code is required)

The RUKRA GSM/PSTN interface comes plug and play including antenna, battery, power supply, 2-cord phone cable and doublesided installationtape. (sim-card is not included).

GSM interface USB aansluiting Horizontal

In the second quart of 2015 we come with a new type RUKRA GSM/Interface (Articlenumber RK-1200) 


230 VAC / 9VAC powersupply with integreted backup battery
Phone line for up to 5 RUKRA Elevator Phones or other brands elevator phones
Every 14 days automatic control of the capacity of the backup battery
Theft protection with function PIN 1111, there will be a new unknown PIN code generated
Additional USB interface for use as a GSM modem (data, programming SMS, SMS, Mail)
Roaming can be switched off (Roaming is communication between different networks abroad)
Send SMS periodically from 1 to 30 days with information of network, power, temperature, etc. NEN 81-28
Send SMS on the status of the power supply and battery status (power, voltage, capacity and battery defect)
 Send SMS when login to the network
Send SMS when an input is activated (optional print) 
Internal Back-up battery pack
SMS message by 230V powerfail
SMS message by low capacity of the battery
SMS message by low power of the battery
SMS message by changing battery
SMS message if battery is not connected
Indication-led’s for status of power, GSM signal, line is active
The RUKRA GSM / PSTN interface can send the (test) SMS messages to the online WEB-based call center.

• Powersupply: 230V: 9VAC
• Programming: Local by pc or connected telephone
• Batterystatus by SMS: Capacity of the battery, Problem with powersupply, Change battery
• Current use: Stand-by: 40mA / Active: 90mA
• Output: 1 x PSTN RJ11 / Line 24V / 38mA
• Caller ID: FSK, BT, CLIP
• Sizes: 130 x 100 x 37mm
• Mounting by screws and/or industrial doublesided tape (Included)
Environment temp.: 5 tot 50° C
• Article number: RK-1201
 Aansluitingen onderzijde RK1201Aansluitingen bovenzijde RK1201 230V 9VAC adapter Antenne




From the factory the RUKRA GSM/PSTN interface is set with standard settings which have normally not te be changed. Programming can be done with a normal connected PSTN phone or by the USB interface.
F With a PSTN telephone:
With a connected phone, you can change the parameters but you can not change phone numbers and SMS settings. Programming can be done with or without the presence of a SIM card.
F With the USB interface:
SMS settings, phone numbers and all other parameters can be programmed with a computer using the "GGSET" program and the USB Interface. Programming can be done with and without the presence of a SIM card.

USB interface RK1201NOTE!!  After you installed the programming software you also have to download and install the drivers for the USB Interface

If you install in Windows 8 please also read the manual Installing drivers for RUKRA Programming cables in Windows 8.1 _ENG  (45Kb)


Programming program GGSET (Zip 500Kb)

Driver for USB Cable (Zip 877Kb)

NOTE!! The drivers for the USB-Cable will not automatic be installed by Windows, read the
NOTE!! When you have problems with installing the software or drivers in Windows 8 read the 

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