RK-2006 RUKRA alarmbutton on-below cabine

   RK 2009


The RUKRA alarm pushbuttons have got a speaker and a microphone.
The microphone is always active during a call, the speaker is only active while pressing the white button.
The black alarm button must be pressed for 2 seconds to make an emergency alarm call.

End of alarm: The black alarm button has besides making an emergency alarm call even the additional function "end of alarm". Keeps the alarm button ± 8 seconds and the “end of alarm” call will be send to the RUKRA Web-based Call Center.

The alarm button set consists two buttons (on and below the elevator cabin) and comes including 3x Plug & Play connection cables, 2x double-sided mounting tape and 1x 3-way splitter.

RK 1074 RUKRA Splitter 3 x RJ 12 parallelRK 1071  RUKRA 6 wire cord 0,5mRK 1072  RUKRA 6 wire cord 2mRK 1073  RUKRA 6 wire cord 4m




• Including microphone

• Including speaker

• Including function “END OF ALARM”

• Plug & Play

• Including cable 0,5m

• Including cable 2m

• Including cable 4m

• Including 3-way splitter

• Including industrial tape

• Enclosure: Plastic ABS

• Size: BxHxD= 77x100x25mm

• Article number set: RK-2006

 RK 2006 connected SET


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