RK-2018-2 Programmingcable Talker-4 RUKRA Elevator Phone


Connected to a computer, laptop or tablet with Windows 7 or 8 you can easily program the Talker-4 and the RUKRA Elevator Phone.
This USB cable can also be used to program the RUKRA elevator phone,
NOTE!! Keep in mind when you program the RUKRA Elevator phone the power switch is OFF otherwise cause a short circuit between the RUKRA Elevator Telephone and the computer


• USB 2.0

USB type A, male

• Windows 7, 8

Cable length: 1,5m.

• Article number: RK-2018-2


RUKRA Elevator Setting Programm (ZIP 4.5Mb)

NOTE!! The drivers for the USB-Cable will not automatic be installed by Windows, read the
NOTE!! When you have problems with installing the software or drivers in Windows 8 read the 


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