RK-1300 Software callcenter


The Web-based call center receives Test transmissions, Technical reports, SMS messages and alarm calls of all brands Elevator Phones.

Talks between the elevator and the Service Callcenter can also be recorded and of course listened directly by web.

With the Web-based call center RUKRA you are always allowed to check online and afterwards all events and histories of the Elevator Phone and elevator failures over the internet.

You can also receive an email or text message from an alarm call or elevator malfunction or if there is a 3-day test message is missing.

Through the RUKRA Web-based call center, it is also possible to receive test reports of other brands of elevator phones.

In the RUKRA Web-based call center your elevator phones are in one view and you can see directly through a green, red or yellow flag if your elevator phones are online or that something is not right.


Receive calls from:
• Etc. etc ...
Free of charge test notifications by caller ID
Email or SMS receiving from an alarm call including details of the elevator address etc.
Email or SMS received when the 3-day test call is not received within 3 days
Online listening to recorded emergency calls
4 Languages available


Software is not free for download, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information

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